Vivek and Noorbhai at Rudraprayag, Garhwal.

The crew at Korlai beach, near Alibagh.

Hemanti has finished the rough cut. It’s bliss to edit at home. After ages, my MAC behaved perfectly. Found out that all the trouble had been caused by a corrupt hard disc. And so many people had been going around in circles, trying to find the problem, loading and reloading again. Anyway.

After having given the DVDs to CFSI, there is a lull. Oh, these lulls. I hate not working, I really don’t enjoy the emptiness of waking up, with nothing to do, the way Vivek seems to. I’d love more than anything else to be tearing around, stressed out, trying to manage a hundred things, and failing miserably. Instead, I have the calm of a not too busy director around me.