So, we e-mail each other, call each other, ask tentatively, are you eating chicken, eggs? In moments of rebellion, we decide to hell with it, and take a few illicit bites. Then, feel awful. Is my daughter sniffling because of ….

I feed her banana milk shake everyday. Ofcourse, the milk is no good, pumped as it is with steroids. And now I know the bananas too are poisoned, to ripen quickly, more likely to cause depression and cancer, than alleviate it. Spinach is out, grown as it is on public lavatory grounds besides railway tracks. Oranges, carrots, tomatoes, pumped with unhealthy red color. Potatoes, rice, wheat, capsicum, grapes, apples, strawberries …. all contaminated. The water too, ofcourse is laced with sewage, is it? Fish is mercury, meat is rotting.

Of course, we could all shift to organic foods, and meats imported from New Zealand or wherever. If domestic budgets permitted.

If I sound grumpy, it’s the lack of protein doing me in.