Baa Baa Black … no Brown … no Yellow … no Rainbow sheep.

Who ever ‘s heard of “rainbow sheep”.

So am I not to be called brown anymore? My delicious brown color, wheat brown, golden brown, caramel brown, coffee brown, chocolate brown. Am I then to be “Asian Indian”? And who is to say that “Asian Indian” won’t become, in time, politically incorrect, like “Muslim” for instance?

So, then am I to be “of a certain minority community, melanin challenged, geographically hurdled, socially impaired, economically deprived”? Because I’m a brown middle-class Indian Muslim who does not figure on Page 3.

Racism has nothing to do with political correctness or the lack of it. In fact, it can simmer quite beautifully under the facade of political correctness.

Racism is of course, believing that people are different because they are differently colored, or belong to different geographical, social, economic backgrounds. Believing that someone is inferior because … but also believing that someone is superior because …

I’m happy to be “Brown and Lovely”, thank you.