The computer crashed, I picked up the pieces, and as we’d had only two more days of work, and now have to work for another eight days, perhaps, plus have lost eight days in trying to sort out, what’s wrong, I grit my teeth and smile.

Rahul, who is not a computer engineer, but an editor and a teacher, and knows more about the Mac and Final Cut Pro than anyone in the universe, Ok, actually, anyone in my universe, and certainly more than the official Apple guys in Mumbai, is not in a very fix-it mood, and potters around, gritting his teeth and smiling, because like the Mac, and like all well-designed, logical beings, he’s moody.

Judith, his friend from Austria, who’s here on holiday, waits for us to sort out all our problems, so she can make use of the first sunny day in Mumbai in a week, and walk outside, away from the computer, for God’s sake, but makes conversation with me, and since 99% of my already limited mind is with my Mac, my conversation is inane to say the least, and I start off by asking her inane questions like, “how long you been here?, is it your first time? what you do?”, luckily biting my tongue before I blurt out, “do you like it here?”

What is any tourist meant to say to that, “No, I hate it, actually, it stinks, there are rats everywhere, people are shitting on the roads, it’s too crowded, my stomach’s heaving”?, but no, they can get their back at you, with “I love the people, the colors, the way always everyone is always smiling” and you think, hmm, smiling yes, but pity no one can hear the “chk, chk, chk” grinding of their teeth, above the cacaphony, as they go around with the pieces, wooing Mr.Fix-it.