For the last couple of months I’ve been finishing off work on “Lilkee” very reluctantly.

How often I have thought, what is this madness that prompts you to make a film? I’m never going to even want to make a film again.

It’s hard, when you are working with very little money, because you have to do most of everything on your own, even all the not-so-fun stuff, like couriering letters, filling up forms, photo-copying scripts and more tedious stuff like that.

But yesterday, when I went to the lab, to make my final payment, waiting outside near the car, for the negatives of the film to be delivered, I felt a rush of nostalgia already for the fun we’d had for the last year.

The truth was it was hardly ever any fun, while we were doing it, we were all working so hard, and exhausted most of the time. But, but… already the stories came back to my mind, and I started saying to Vivek, remember when .. remember when…

And when I came back home, the Mac had behaved impeccably well, and encoded a good DVD (it’s harder than it sounds) and so, I felt finally, all’s well that ends well.

And by evening, Vivek and I were sitting down and pontificating about how we’d do better the next time we are making a film. And already I’m thinking, what next, what next?