algebra and life

The other day, Aiman, in Std. VIII, learning Algebra, also learns that while a man earns 90 rupees for a job that takes 8 hours, a woman earns 60 rupees for the same job. Of course, that is reality, but must it be propagated for future generations, for ever and ever?

I protest, Aiman protests too, but will it make things any better for her, I wonder?


  1. i totally agree. the things that get perpetuated in our ‘objective’ sciences is incredible.

    the other place where it happens often, sadly, is in children’s literature. no less a personage than ian mxewan, in his children’s book, daydreamer, has a mother whos taken on her husaband’s name; whose family is a nicely symmetrical two parents, two children one.

    under the circs, long live harry potter, i say. uneven writing, but relatable.

  2. Things are getting slightly better in my side of the world…more and more children’s lit is coming out that doesn’t perpetuate the white picket fence syndrome. Its important for kids to see their imperfect lives portrayed. I’m wondering if I should read a book on depression to my class? Hhhmm…

  3. If Hollywood showed an iota of what real life is like for teachers, things would be radically different🙂 I work crazy hours like 12-13 hours a day. We get paid from 8am to 3:15 pm but some teachers come in at 6:30 and leave at like 6 or 7pm! I have just now started to get my life in order, hahaha. There comes a time when you have to put an end to work and just come home🙂
    On books, I just got some awesome books from our local library (school library choices are limited) on Eid, Hannukkah, Christmas, and Diwali! My students love looking at pictures from India. Their own lives can be so drab.
    So you make films?

  4. I guess Indian and American education have a lot in common…but still I feel like Indians/Pakis know more about the world than these little ones I see everyday. I hope things change soon.

  5. Well as my students say “Merry christmas, happy eid, divali, and hanukkah” to you too :)I got an Eid card today, with a christmas tree. Just the two juxtaposed together was quite a feast for the eyes!

  6. hey mom
    isnt it great 2 protest together
    viveka was agreeing to the point
    that men get more then women
    but i think that was just to make us
    because that is his best hobby
    v should protest more often

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