the paint companies have enticing names for their shades. not that i need to be enticed. i can go berserk with colors. the painters said gujaratis go for whites, creams, bohri muslims like darker, more gaudy colors. of course, they did not know i was a bohri muslim. vivek, amused, listened to these comments 3-4 times. the 5th time, i said, well, he is a gujarati and i am a bohri muslim, so what color do you suggest we paint our bedroom? they were suitably embarrassed. though they are not sure whether we are teasing them. i don’t look like a bohri muslim to them. anyway, in defiance, i decide to get our bedroom painted an emerald green. berger paints calls it “foliage”. after the first coat, we are all reeling, frankly. i wonder if i should accept defeat. the next morning, vivek says, let’s go ahead. otherwise, we’ll wonder all our lives whether or not we could have lived with the green. we can always change after six months. the painters come back the next morning, sure that we’ll have changed our minds. but they politely agree when we say, we’ll stick to our decision. so, any of you who do land up home, in the near future, please be sure to admire the “foliage”.