At midnight, I started reading “Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler” which Teja had got off his table-tennis mate, and which I had promptly Xeroxed (yes, I know it should be photo-copied, but I’m pretty sure it was Xeroxed, or actually Modi-Xeroxed).

It was reassuring to learn that all my problems including my laziness, my inclination to procrastinate, my over-active paranoiac imagination, my crankiness, my reclusiveness, etc, etc, were due to the “disturbance of the molecular motion of one of the inorganic tissue salts“, and the subsequent loss of cell equilibrium, in my body.

Later at night, unable to sleep because of my errant cells, I went blogging as usual. I’ve decided to buy myself some cell salts over the counter, but in the meanwhile, I did find some funny blogs, through my friends and friends’ friends’. The usual route.