If you were here, Billo

5 thoughts on “If you were here, Billo

  1. My bad. I did not read your other blogs and interview of yours with Upperstall. It is your film.

    Liked the song. You have blog ke upar blog, so got a bit lost.. only kidding.

    Anyway, you should tell us about your film via Projekt iView, if you have time and think our readers would be worthy of it..

  2. Thanks, Projekt iView. Those blogs on top of each other, are from the days before the new blogger. Will write something for Projekt iView. Strange but true, was checking out Passion for Cinema a couple of days ago, and planning to send something.

  3. And when you were checking the website out.. I came across your blog. (I think, you blogrolled us)

    (PS. Just make sure you don’t copy & paste from your blog(s). :-D)

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