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Some Tandoori Thai

Loud woman on phone: “Hey, there’s this Thai actor, wants to make a Hindi film. We have to first mount 5 action sequences. Yes, those are the highlights of the film. Story – we will think of something around them. The story should be something which is very low-production value. They want to spend all the money on the action scenes. Those will be the high points of the film. What do you think? Should we do it? It sounds very exciting.”

So, now you know how films are made here in Bumm-Bumm-Bholeland.

P-Bapu and I were barely able to stop ourselves from choking on the Tandoori Bekti and the Aloo Poshto at ‘Oh Calcutta’.

Later, I said: “Isn’t this Andheri West culture too much?”
P-Bapu said: ” Maybe she was only pretending to speak to some one on the phone. You know, telling everyone in the restaurant, how busy she is.”
I said, gloomily: “And maybe, they were really planning a film around 5 action sequences.”
P-Bapu said: “Yeah.”

4 comments on “Some Tandoori Thai

  1. memsaab
    July 6, 2008

    Unfortunately, it’s how films are made everywhere…I love how surprised people always are when a GOOD STORY produces a hit film. Nobody seems to ever learn from it though.

    Aye aye aye…

  2. Grasshopper
    July 6, 2008

    A couple of years ago, I had gone to meet a producer. I was ready to tell him the story in , like ten minutes.
    I was not ready for his two questions, who are the stars, what is your budget?

    July 7, 2008

    have you been reading the debate jabs began on wisdom tree?

  4. Banno
    July 7, 2008

    Memsaab, totally agree. I seem to come out of almost every film these days thinking, knowing that more time has been spent on working out the hairstyle of the actors, than on the story.

    Grasshopper, that is why I dread producers. And have been sitting on my script. Just don’t dare to go out there.

    Sur, What debate? Is it the one with “No editors needed” heading? Because if it is, I just assumed it was to do with that editor business in Delhi, and deleted it. Let me try and retrieve it from my trash.

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