Mummyji: “Listen, Chaman’s father, Chaman is now exactly like Hrithik Roshan. It’s time now we launched him.”
Daddyji: “Chaman’s mother, what are you saying, is Chaman 6 ft, 2″ now?”
Mummyji: “That’s what I am saying to you.”
Daddyji: “Oh, you deserve a diamond necklace for this.”
Mummyji simpers: “No, no, what have I done?”
Daddyji: “Why, you have fed this handsome son of ours with milk and parathas, looked after him so well, made him into a strapping young man. Now see what I do. My son will blast this industry.”

Dialogue writer: “Sir, I thought this can be his catch-line. ‘Karan Malhotra, Age 27, Status single and …’ the last word keeps changing. You know, depending on what he is doing, sitting, standing, whatever.”
Daddyji: “Good, good. But make that ‘Age 23’.”
Dialogue writer: “But Sir, I thought Chamanji was 27. It’s there in all the papers.”
Daddyji: “No, no, once we say he is 23, he will be 23. Anyway, who reads the papers?”

Daddyji: “No, no, Chaman, please don’t act. You must not have any expression on your face. Please. When you make any facial gestures, you stop looking like Hrithik Roshan. So, please, just listen to what I am telling you. No, no acting. You can jump, swing, run, dance. Walk like a stud. Move your whole body, but not your face, please.”

Daddyji: “So Chaman, there is this butterfly, who will live through the ages, and show you the way, whenever you are stuck. It works better than the Global Positioning system or Google. So, you never need to take the phone number, address or email id of the girl you love. The butterfly will find her for you, wherever she is. And when the butterfly falters, your Uncle’s time machine will come in handy. Isn’t it lucky for you that your Uncle lives in the same remote town as your lady love? And that he gave up his job in NASA to work on his time machine? All for you, son, all for you. After all, even God bends his rules for those who love.”

Daddyji: “Chaman, Chaman, so what if the country has not changed much in the last 200 years, in the next 42 years, it will jump ahead in leaps and bounds, son, in leaps and bounds. That is technology. But you are the hero, you must not look amazed by it. You must take it all in your stride, shell houses, flying cars, cute robots, androids and all. Please, please, no expression, no expression. Poor people? In Mumbai 2050? Oh, they will be eliminated. Deleted. Maybe, they are underground. I don’t know, Chaman. Stop irritating me. This is not a story about poor people. It is a story about love.”

Daddyji: “So what, Chaman, if you are in a strange, futuristic city? You are a hero. Of course, you can suddenly become a rock star, and get a stage show at the top place in town. You don’t need luck, you have love, after all. No, no, no. Dance as a form never changes. What Hrithik Roshan did in ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ is classic dance. It will remain in peoples’ hearts forever. Do that, do that, just listen to what I am telling you.”

Mixing engineer: “Sir, will you come soon? We have a crisis here.”
Daddyji: “What happened?”
Mixing engineer: “Chamanji insists on dubbing in a deep voice.”
Daddyji: “I’ll be right there.”

Daddyji: “No, no, Chaman, please don’t speak in your natural voice. You must have a nasal twang. That is what made Hrithik Roshan a star. Yes, yes, slip back and forth from Punjabi accent to unidentifiable NRI accent. Our people love it. It makes them feel as if you are like them, fake accents give you a little-boy charm. No, no, through your nose, through your nose. Please, Chaman.”

Daddyji: “Chaman, if only you had had an extra thumb. I did everything I could. But what can I do if God didn’t give you an extra thumb. If you’d had it, you’d have been a super-hit, son. A super-hit. No, Chaman, the story has nothing to do with it. Of course, it’s a good story. Has anyone else thought of this idea before? Getting back a girlfriend from the future, time machine and all. It’s very original, son, very original. No, it’s nothing to do with not letting you act. Or your nasal twang. It’s the extra thumb, I tell you. That did us in. Chaman’s mother, you should have thought of that. Maybe we could have done something about it, when he was growing up.”
Mummyji sighs sadly.

‘Chaman’ is often used as a nick-name for someone who is goofy, a little dumb, a little out of it. Teja insists on calling the hapless hero of ‘Love 2050’ “Chaman”.