Don’t we all look rather stuck?
Sometimes, life feel likes that, too.
Then, I guess, you just have to wait for the tides of the Brahmaputra to come rolling in.


  1. You look disgusted more than stuck🙂 Very funny holiday photo! I have felt that way myself when traveling around…

  2. I love the way your holiday is slowly unfolding, including the pics you keep changing on top of the page. Why don’t you write a few words on the picture on top too?

  3. why has mr blogger chewed up my comment posted two days back???

    and since i dont quite remember what i said-its not important.

    but my thought today, on seeing the photo:
    waiting for the brahmaputra to swell and take you away is much nicer than being stuck with no where to go. so may the tide swell high, and unfold its mystic glory.

  4. Dear All, For all the philosophy I am ‘jhado-ing’, the truth is it is officially Day 1 of our holiday, but Day 4 since we left home (3 days in train) and I’m wondering what we are doing there, in the hot afternoon, when I could have been back in my cool, blue-green room at home. And have this deep moment of realization about myself that I, who have always listed travel on my list of top things to do, am actually perfectly content to stay home.

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