Dhanno goes through my cell phone and says: “The last message you sent someone was 2 days ago.”

I say: “So?”

Dhanno says: “I suppose when you are old, you can’t just send messages to people like ‘Hey, how you doing?’ “

I say: “Why not?”

Dhanno says: “People might think you have no work.”

I say: “It’s not that, really. It’s just that I have no friends I want to send messages to like that, everyday.”

Dhanno says: “I feel so sad.”

I say: “You don’t have to feel sorry for me, just because I don’t have people to text messages to.”

Dhanno says: “I am feeling sorry for myself. What if I don’t have a daughter like me, when I grow old? What will I do?”

I say: “So you think my life is pretty sad without you?”

Dhanno says: “Don’t you think so? You write about it like that on your blog. You know, Life’s punches, and all that.”

I say: “That happens to everyone. Things go wrong some times. Doesn’t mean your life is sad.”

Dhanno says: “Is that necessary?”

I say: “What?”

Dhanno says: “For things to go wrong?”

I say: “No, but they do. Sometimes. It’s OK. It would be crazy if nothing went wrong ever, and I was as sweet at 43 as you are at 15.”

So, now I know I am old, friendless and pathetic.