Faced with a deadline,

1. I decide I have to read Trollope’s ‘Orley Farm‘.
2. I cook a huge meal, rajma-rice, masala aloo, grilled chicken, rice kheer.
3. I watch ‘Kashmir ki Kali‘.
4. I feel ill, feverish.
5. I want to scrap everything that I have written so far. Who wants to read this crap? Does it make any sense at all? Is it meaningful? NO.
6. I take photos in the rain.
7. I spend evenings analyzing myself.
8. Find new blogs to link to, and new networks to join.
9. I use the Thesaurus option as I have never done before. Using four words where one would do. I just want to reach the 100,000 mark as soon as I can.

I hope my editor is not reading this.


  1. Grasshopper, Yes, the kheer turns out lovely. It’s become my staple diet. And there goes my weight loss program.

    Space Bar, Writing a secret.🙂

  2. Kheer and KKK…sigh. Sounds lovely.

    Stop analyzing so much🙂 Have faith, you write beautifully. And who is going to count to make sure you’ve reach 100000 words? 99990 should be enough😉

  3. Waiting to read the mysterious secret!
    What you’ve been doing is called painting the wagon wheels- (when the crop is ready to be harvested_.
    All the best. As memsaab says, stop analyzing so much!

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