The Humble Mosquito

Yesterday, Teja scolded me for sitting on my script, in the hope that it would hatch into a film with my body warmth. In 2 months, I have sent the script to 2 producers. They haven’t got back to me, and I have not followed up, too polite to chase.

Both producers are not-big.

Teja thinks I should approach AC, SK, AK, KJ, to produce the film. He thinks if I need to get immune to rejection, I might as well start with the big guys and work myself down.

Perhaps I need lessons from the ubiquitous mosquito who can find its way into even the hermetically sealed life of The Star. As long as I don’t get swatted.

* Drawing from ‘The Star’ series by Teja.


  1. teja’s illustrations have been pretty darn fantastic.
    but this one- standing ovation!

    and the script- some good producer will also applaud. hang in there.

  2. of course you should go to the biggies first. like some guy said in another country, it’s the audacity of hope-shope.

  3. I agree with Teja (but of course would do exactly as you have been doing😉.

    Perhaps the two of you with your writing and his drawing skills should put a book together. This “The Star” series is hilarious!

  4. Teja’s right! I mean, if you’re going to be rejected anyway, might as well be rejected by the big fish rather than the small fries.😀

    Its like in college basketball when it felt good if the big teams kicked our ass, but really embarrassing when the small teams lick us, even though we played the same way in both matches! *big grin*

    But of course, again, this is all in humor. I really hope you get a call soon.

  5. Depends on your script, actually. Hey, if it is a romance, like song and dance, I know someone who is looking for scripts.

  6. Memsaab, Good. Makes me feel better already. Teja’s loving doing ‘The Star’. It’s a real catharsis I think, for all his angst.

    Illusionaire, exactly what Teja would say. But then, he’s a sportsman like you. He loves to play and to win.

    Unmana, thanks. But why not KJ?

    Pragya, thanks.

    Grasshopper, the script’s got song and dance and two romances, but it’s not a romantic love story in the masala way. But let me know, if you know someone.

  7. I’ve never seen one of your productions – and I so much want to! Maybe this will be the one. Wishing you lots of success with it.

  8. I hope so, Indie.

    Grasshopper, will send you the synopsis.

    Paro, why buy it? Invite Teja for your next birthday party. He says you are welcome to the drawing.

    Space Bar, This is Teja’s photo, shot at Maheshwar last year, when they were recce-ing Paresh’s film. And oh yes, donkeys are my favourite animals too. That’s why he shot them.

  9. Hey Banno thanks🙂 we wanted to do something totally tongue-in-cheek 70s Bollywood🙂 would like to see your detail feedback on our film🙂

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