some memories of August

These are the worst days of the year in Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land. Hot, hot, hot in a piercing way. Still, sticky, no wind. The sunlight exhausts your eyes. So, to cool down,  ….

What I noticed only this year, and loved, were the umbrellas and the raincoats used by boys and men. Very few blacks, or khakis, or greys. Out there in all the colors of the rainbow. Very metro-sexual, hey?


  1. lovely photos!

    and the man selling multi coloured umbrellas- malad signal? I tried hard to click him one rainy traffic jam.

  2. I feel very pleased with all your comments, because for once these are my photos, and not Teja’s or Dhanno’s.

    Memsaab, I need color on rainy days, sunny days, everywhere. When you come home one day, you’ll realize that.

    Sur, I’ve never seen that guy!

    Lekhni, I did nothing special. The photos are through wet windshield and car window.

  3. I can’t wait! And me too, by the way. Every room in my small apartment is painted a different—but bright and jewel-like—color🙂 I don’t worry about small details like matching or clashing!

  4. I think Indian men are way more metrosexual than their western counterparts- in India, u find em wearing shades of red, pink, orange and whatnot, with embroidery (and everything including the kitchen sink) on them. it may be in bad taste (often), but is braver than men worldwide- yay for happy umbrellas!

  5. Shweta, I love the colors men wear here too. But I balk at the embroidery. On women too, usually.

    Sloganmurugan, Did you mean beautiful set of colors, or colors?

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