Spent 1050/- rupees on 7 tickets for ‘Fashion‘.
20/- for parking.
Say a 50/- on petrol
300/- on popcorn and colas.
5/- odd rupees on Dispirin for everyone in the evening. Because all of us came back grumpy, with headaches. Having missed our afternoon siesta. Which the  scrumptious Parsi lunch at Dorabjees deserved much, much more than it did a dose of ‘realistic cinema’.

It was just that it had been almost 3 weeks since we went to a theater.

Dhanno, who’s 15 and could be 18, has been walking into adult films with us occasionally, when Teja and I deem fit to ignore the censors. OK, I don’t see how ‘Music and Lyrics’ with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant rates an ‘A’ certificate, and ‘Tashan’ or ‘Neil & Nikki’ rates a U/A. So, I’d rather trust our own judgment.

But the Pune multiplex was packed with kids. Golu, who’s 11 and could be 8 walked in easily, as did a lot of other boys his age. And of course, he was bored silly.

Later, he said: “If it (i.e. the film) was a man, I would have kicked it hard.”