Drums and old Hindi film songs at 100 decibels

It’s impossible to think with this din. I feel as if my brain is being battered. One wedding and two days of persistent noise. If the sound blares so on the 13th floor, what is it like for those down there, and how can they tolerate it? How can this be their idea of fun or celebration? I hate these people. I curse them, may their marriage never work.


  1. I have a Kalyana-mantapa in the neighbourhood and often times I can hear the nadaswaram and drum loud and clear – esp, early in the mornings. I am constantly amazed that people go through all this tamasha to get married and beget children.


  2. Cursing them I can understand, from what you must have gone through. But cursing their marriage? eeeps, sends a shiver down my spine! Because it sounds too precise and personal. Like if someone tells me “I curse you” I’ll be like “uhuh”, but if someone says “I curse your third unborn son who will be born on Feb 17th, 2014” now that is scary!:)

  3. Poor you! Sound pollution is horrible. Its hard to even hear yourself think with all the noise! I cant understand why celebrations need to be so loud and so lacking in consideration to others. The one thing about India that I dont miss in Canada is the festive occasions, which always translated into bad song recordings blaring at the highest possible decibel levels!

    Hope your noise pollution gets over soon and you can return to sanity.

  4. This is a SOOPER blog! Geez, thats one of the most creative blog names ever da! And before I am asked to begone from this place for acting like a stoopid boy, let me congratulate you once again for having one of the coolest blogs in blogville…Shit, I am stuck..

    Scribblers Inc.

  5. Thanks all of you for your sympathy. My curse was in jest. If all the people I had cursed or killed with my looks had been affected, I would have been somewhere else, jail, probably.

    Scribbler, well, I’m flattered.

    Just want to let all of you know, we are safe. Yes. I am in Goa, but … Just shitty, this entire business.

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