Flabbergasted by my comment on my last post ‘Copy Chris, Paste Ghajini‘ that I quite liked ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’,

My brother Rolu called me and said accusingly: “So you liked ‘Rab ne‘?”

I hemmed and hawed and defended myself sheepishly: “Well, you know, we saw it on New Year’s day, and it was sort of just right for an evening after a hangover, quiet and simple.”

He said: “It was worse than ‘Ghajini’.”

I said: “No, ‘Ghajini’ was so violent. ‘Rab ne’ was not.”

And Surinder Suri in his polyster checked shirts and polyster pants, with the goodness of a loving provider, reminded me of my father, and of course, I am a sucker for anyone who reminds me of my father, and I cried and cried lots.

And I knew that Taani would choose Suri, rather than Raj, as any girl with any sense would,

and I loved that moment between Bobby and Suri, when they are drinking and Bobby passes out, and Suri says wistfully, ‘We were having so much fun’.

What to do? It really didn’t matter to me that Suri was rather idiotic in his attempts to woo Taani with a lame makeover, because we are allowed to do idiotic things when we are in love,

and Hindi films are full of idiotic disguises anyway, which are such great fun.

And I just like SRK better than AK.

Rolu said: “Well then, we can ask Teja-bhai to shave off his mustache, and you can start having an affair with him.”

Not a bad idea that.