Dhanno came back home and said, “I am very impressed with my friend Ish.”

I said, “Why?”

She said, “Her friend Hit is gay. But Ish said he’s her best friend.”

I said, “So?”

Dhanno said, “But it’s just that Ish is not even bothered by it. She takes it so normally.”

I said, “Why shouldn’t she?”

Dhanno said, “No reason. I don’t mean to say being gay is wrong. But just that … I mean, I’ve never known anyone who is gay.”

I said, “Well, as you grow up, you will know more and more people who are gay.”

Dhanno said, “Yes, but isn’t it abnormal? I mean ..”

I said, “No, it’s not.”

Dhanno said, “Yes, mom, even biology says that you have sexual organs to attract the opposite sex to be able to reproduce.”

I said, “Whatever. But when a large proportion of people are homosexual, then how can that be abnormal?”

She said, “Hmm.”

Then, she said, “I’m just so impressed with Ish. I mean she takes it so normally.”

I said, “You are so fazed by this, because of all the gay characters you usually see on TV or film.”

She said, “Come on, it’s not that. I know they are not bad people.”

I said, “No, it’s not about good or bad. It’s just that you see gay people on screen wearing strange clothes, walking and talking in strange ways. So, that’s what you think they will be. But gay people look just like you and me.”

She said, “That’s true.”

I said, “For instance, Rock Hudson. He was gay.”

She said, “No…o…o..”

I said, “So what? Does that make him any less good-looking, charming, less of a star? Does it make you like him less?”

She said, “Why did you tell me? I like him so much. Now please don’t tell me Leonardo Di Caprio is gay.”

I said, “Why not?”

She said, “Because I like him.”

I said, ” So will you like him less if he is gay?”

She said, “Mama, I like him. As in like him. As in, when I am 21 and he is say, 45, and we meet, I could marry him.”

I say, “Oh!”

She said, “Why did you tell me Rock Hudson is gay? I like him. I wanted to meet him.”

I said, “But he is dead.”

She said, “Oh no. Mama, how could you do this to me on Valentine’s Day? First, you tell me he is gay, then that he is dead. Did you need to do that?”

Teja and I then threw names at her at random, saying “Oh, this one is gay, and that one is gay. And that one too. And that one is bisexual.”

She hit back by saying that we were the most boring couple she knew, since we had no plans for Valentine’s Day, then ignored us, and thought it was time for dinner.

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PS: Dhanno says I have my biology all wrong. It’s not our sexual organs, but our secondary sexual characteristics like color of skin and hair, body odour, and voice and their differentiations between male and female that are meant to attract the opposite sex. It’s back to the classroom for me.