For those of you in Canada or with access to CBC, please watch an exciting series ‘India Reborn’ on March 15, and March 22, 8 pm.

It’s a 4-part series, and I worked on the episode ‘India on the move’, as the Indian producer. After a long, long time, I did documentary work that was purely journalistic in its approach. It helped that I was working with hard-core veterans, Neil Docherty and Sarah Spinks, idealistic, fire-brand producers rarely encountered in present-day television. A lot of television programming now is ‘reality TV’ in one form or the other.

For me, it was a personal challenge, as for a long time, I had been working on shows that hovered around Bollywood or Mumbai. I wanted to be a part of the episode on the economy, a subject I hadn’t much thought about before this in an academic way.

It was a mad time of flight-hopping, huge treks through the countryside on bumpy roads, travel, travel and more travel, stories of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. But what came with the sense of sadness at so much that is wrong, was also an immense sense of pride. As Sarah rightly says on the website,

This is a hard-working country that has continually confounded the predictors of gloom

For more on the series, check out the CBC’s website