While I do understand the need for dog-owners to have dogs, and the need for dogs to defecate, I cannot understand the need for dog owners to have their dogs defecate on a public road. The sight of a dog defecating in the open is only a little less unseemly than the sight of several men lined up on the highway, their bottoms towards you. 

Though it must be said, while the men’s bottoms seem vulnerable, the dog gets away with impunity. 

What I also don’t understand is why most dog owners don’t make any effort to train their dogs to defecate into a bit of mud. The dog could then do what it does naturally, i.e. hide its poo after it has been delivered. I cannot see how dog poo on a tar or cement road is going to vanish from sight until it is swept away by some poor conservancy worker. It is biodegradable yes, but not instantly combustible on exposure to the elements.

Dog poo smells as bad as human poo, and I don’t fancy putting my foot into it.

I wish dog owners would carry bags and rake up their dog’s poo, like they do in Paris and other civilized parts of the world.

But then, a public road in Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land is meant for all kinds of things, sleeping, delivering babies, selling books, flowers, balloons, mops, dusters, water, peanuts and all other manner of big and small things, selling bodies, defecating, urinating, bathing, washing clothes, living, cattle rearing, elephant journeys, drying fish, drying papads, drying hair, drying bones, dying, begging, bribing, living, fighting, f@#*ing (where did you think the babies came from)?

What is a bit of dog poo in all this?

PS: And you thought all I was thinking of was Dhanno.