Dhanno has pasted on her cupboard doors –

6 posters of Drake Bell,

4 of Hillary Duff,

3 of Avril Lavigne,

1 of Ranbir Kapoor,

1 of a bulldog in a blue denim jacket,

1 of a poodle in a pink jacket,

1 photo-shopped picture of her with Drake Bell,

A school group photo of me in Std VIII A, in St. Anne’s School, Pune, 1977,


A school group photo of her in Std. VIII A, in Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land, 2007.

So that I don’t feel left out, Teja found me this. It was flying around on his studio floor.

My crankiness after a 3 hour drive back from town disappeared instantly.
Teja said: “Happy?” 
I said to Teja: “He’s just like you.”
In fact, Teja is a real life Dharamji. No, no, not looks. Lest all my friends gasp at my blindness. But in his sweetness.
Thankfully, minus the excess boozing and womanizing.