I said to Hasan & Husein: “Why do you swim in the canal? The water is filthy.”

Hasan said: “We find good stuff here. A plate, or a bowl. Sometimes a metal pipe. We can sell it for 100-200 rupees.”

I said: “What do you do with the money?”

Hasan said: “We give it to our mother.”

Husein said: “We play dhab.”

Hasan said: “We hire a cycle to ride around.”

Husein said: “I spend it on Chinese food. I like to eat fried rice everyday.”

I said: “But don’t you fall ill in that gutter water?”

Husein said: “No, we like it in there. I like being in the water all the time.”

Hasan said: “We go and wash up with clean water at the Pump. We wash our clothes too.”

Husein said: “Yes, we wash our own clothes.”

* Dhab – A gambling game