What I’m wondering is what will happen to Jai (Saif Ali Khan) and Meera (Deepika Padukone) once they do get married?

Their ‘Aaj’ love is so bland, their kisses so like the Rubber-Duck raincoats of school days, dry in a squeaky, rubbery way, the smell of rubber obfuscating the smell of the rain.

Jai seems like a man with no practice in kissing, and if he has had practice, hasn’t learned much on the job. Doesn’t forebode well for their marital life. (Or is it just that he’d rather have been kissing his beautiful girl, Bebo?)

I liked Meera only in the last scene when she cried with relief once Jai did come back, and then drew away from a kiss, awkward after the long separation. At least, she stopped smiling.

For the rest of the film, I was wondering about her parents, wondering what they had done to her that she needed so much to be so nice, so understanding, so ‘smiley’ all the time?

She was no less mute than the ‘Kal’ girl from a small town, Veer’s (Saif Ali Khan) love Harleen (Giselle Monteiro). The ‘Kal’ girl at least metamorphed into ***** ******, and had a reason to be mute (Brazilian playing Punjabi, cut all her dialogues, please!).

Anyway, to come back to kisses, my friend Tanmay Agarwal, who’s been having a set-to with the Censor Board for a couple of kisses in his indie film ‘Chal Chaliye’ devised a table of censor guidelines set for a kiss.