Teja fiddles with his camera.

He says: “I don’t like palaces and forts. Unless I’m studying them for some particular reason.”

Dhanno says: “We should go to Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Ajmer. I mean, we should really see the place.”

I say: “It’s only 15 minutes since we landed here, people. Why did you say yes to Rajasthan? I knew we should have gone to Goa.”

Dhanno drools: “Hmm. Prawn curry rice. Pancakes in the morning. Cinnamon apple pie at night.”

Teja says unconvincingly: “Oh, I’m OK. This will be fun, too.”

Dhanno grumbles: “Yeah. But why are we staying in Udaipur for 3 days?”

I look at the Lonely Planet guide yet again to find out why. I begin to read aloud from it.

Dhanno flops on her bed, and says: “This is like sleeping in a hammock. I’m sinking.”

Teja wears his reading glasses, just because I am wearing mine.

Dhanno says: “Both of you act like they are new toys.”

I say: “I like the room. It has the same curtains as our bedroom.”

Teja laughs: “We should have stayed at home then.”