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platform no. nine and three-quarters

No, it’s nothing to do with Harry Potter. But Amit Dutta’s film ‘Aadmi ki Aurat aur Anya Kahaniyan’. Please go read at Upperstall.

5 comments on “platform no. nine and three-quarters

  1. memsaab
    March 24, 2010

    Welcome to WordPress Banno! I’ve been very happy here:)

  2. ajnabi
    March 24, 2010

    Aw, I’m sorry you had to move! You know, I use Firefox exclusively and have no problems… Maybe it’s an India + Firefox thing. Still, glad to find you here!

  3. Banno
    March 24, 2010

    Memsaab, your awesome links and cataloguing helped me to decide on wordpress.

  4. Banno
    March 24, 2010

    Ajnabi, maybe it’s just my computer, which is taking its last breaths. Can’t get any updates on Safari or Firefox, my system is too old.

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