I hugged Reema Borah who showed us her diploma, ‘Chaatak’ made for the acting students of 2008-2010, and told her my love story.

I hugged her cameraman husband, Sandeep Patil, and told him my love story.

I hugged the band members of A-Void, and pulled their lovely, long pony tails.

I hugged Shedge-ji, the driver of the FTII bus, and thanked him for looking after baby Dhanno all those years ago, when she slept in her cradle in the middle of the bus, while we shot our diploma film outside on the wet, rainy streets of Mumbai.

I almost hugged Dutta, the FTII sweeper, a regular fixture at most FTII parties.

I did not hug my senior, Naresh Sharma, whose beer I was bumming, but told him that I had a right to the beer, because he had ragged me so badly when we were students. He refused to accept that he ragged me, but he conceded that I had a right to the beer.

I hugged the boy who came to me to write in my book of email ids, which I had been compiling through the day to update the wisdomtree mailing list. I told him  we’d find him somehow, or he’d find us, even without mailing ids. Now it was time to dance. I proceeded to dance with him.

I hugged the boy who was playing the mridang for us to dance to, and the boy who was playing the garbage bin.

I scolded the band members of A-Void for playing Bon Jovi, A R Rehman, and Potla, and not playing their own songs, and pulled their lovely, long ponytails again.

I went up to a boy and said, “Here’s a hug at random, for you.” He hugged me back, just for random’s sake.

I hugged Teja, every once in a while, for keeping an eye on me, and rescuing people who were being bored by me, and yet letting me be, hugging everyone in sight.

My friends know my hugs come rarely, and Dhanno has to squeeze out an ‘I love you’ from me.

This is the third time I’ve been drunk, in 21 years. Each time at FTII. Each time on a few beers. This time on 2 & 1/2 beers. As Teja says, I can get drunk if I wash my hair with beer.

I wont tell you about the hangover, which lasted a day. It ensures that the next time I get drunk it will not be before 2017.

So, let me throw a few random hugs at all those of you who were not there, all those who left early, and all those who came late.

I hope they suffice until the next time.