Dhanno walked in while I was watching ‘Sparsh’ (Sai Paranjpye, 1979).

It was a scene between Shabana Azmi (Kavita) and Naseeruddin Shah (Anirudh), where in just so many words she proposes to him.

He says, “You’d better leave me alone in my world of darkness.”

She says, “You are not the only one living in darkness.”

He says, “But my darkness is different from yours.”

She says, “But can’t our sunlight be one?”

Dhanno said, “You would never see a scene like that in films now, would you?”

No, you wouldn’t. Love in all its complexities is rarely ever filmed so simply these days.

My review of the film is up at Upperstall.com. You can read it here.

Please read it. And please visit/re-visit the film.