and you shall find rest

Those of you who watch this film, may come seeking me out, to bash me on the head.

I know that all the people who worked with me on the film, my classmates and juniors, often wanted to hit me, while we were making it.

But do remember, I made this 16 years ago, when I was a film student.

I remember what I was thinking then. But now I can see how I wasn’t able to make the connections clear.

Teja and some other batch-mates used to tell me, “You have good ideas, but you don’t know how to execute them.”

It seemed to me then, that the most I could do, was make mistakes.

I don’t know whether I’ve come too far, in 16 years. It seems to me, even now, that the most I can do, is make mistakes.


  1. OMG- I remember being so SPOOKED esp. in the night shoots..!!!!! But thanks for one helluva experience!! Tag me as Jyothi Kapur Das, tho..!😉

  2. I finally had time to watch it:) Lovely Banno. I really love the sound particularly, the blend of music and voices and “life noise”…very atmospheric.

  3. Yes, lovely sound by my great friend, Abhijit, who’s surfaced in my life once again, after many, many years.

  4. Hey, it’s good to see this film again after so many years! Such a lovely mood, and it’s obvious that you struck a rapport with the old man. I think perhaps some of the themes you had in mind are not clear, but that doesn’t matter, one connects anyway.

    The sound design stands out and I, too, immediately thought of Abhijit. Where is he, and what is he upto? My first and only talkie acting role was at the FTII in your dialogue exercise, and I was quite concerned about not being able to speak loudly. He put me at ease by calmly saying, “Speak normally, don’t worry, my mic will catch it.” Later, after the screening, Idris praised my ‘underplayed’ performance:)

    • I wish I had that dialogue exercise. It’s my favourite work, really.

      I think you were lovely in the film, just right for what I had in mind. I can still see you as you performed that scene where you take out things from your purse.:)

      Abhijit in fact, has recently moved to Mumbai. He lives in Borivali. I’ve yet to catch up with him, because we’ve constantly missed each other, for one reason or the other. But hopefully, in the next few days.

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