the dedicated customer

As you know, the bone-setter has been a part of my childhood memories. I made a set of 4 short films (less than 3 minutes duration) in 2001, for an internet channel, EVEO, California on a bone-setter in Nagpada, an area where I grew up.

I don’t think Shakeel-bhai could have treated my father, given his age, but the shop seemed to be the right one. Perhaps the person who treated Daddy was Shakeel-bhai’s guru, Pahelwan Bone-setter, A. Mujeed Raheem Bux Qureshi.

Here’s one of the films, The Dedicated Customer. Shot on Mini-DV, an SP-Video out, 2’55” duration. Camera – Vivek Shah, Editing – Pankaj Kumar.


  1. Nice little slice of life, Batul, thanks for sharing. I’m not sure how safe these guys would be, though, given they don’t know the details of the anatomy they are treating.

  2. Karrvakarela, I’m not so sure that they don’t know a lot about anatomy. Most of them are associated with the traditional ‘akhadas’, wrestling grounds, and are in fact, very effective. I know my father was in safe hands, while being treated by them.

    But of course, the bone-setter you found to treat you would be a matter of reputation and trust and luck, as there are no degrees, or standards for the knowledge they have.

    • Dipali, I do have 3 more on the same bone-setter. I had to make these in less than 4 minutes, because at the time putting up films on the internet was still at an experimental stage. I’ll put up the others soon.

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