Dipali and Pallavi tagged me to list at least ten things I have wanted or done which my gender is not supposed to. Being not just A woman, but an Indian woman, seriously influenced by Hindi cinema, I thought that I am:

sadly none of this, whatsoever, no grace, no dancing skills, no utterly, utterly breath-taking beauty.

but maybe, a little bit of this – a little oomph, a bit of a pout, and lots of twists. Also not afraid of dancing in a crowd.

I’d like to claim I’m none of this, but the truth is I can be quite weepy, and clingy, and self-pitying, on a gloomy day.

but I can also be brazen, and tough, and intelligent

And shrewish, and demanding, and spoilt

Flirtatious, and a tease

And while I’m nowhere near physically as strong or able like her, this is what I’d like most to be.

I’m certainly not this – angry at the world, and very, very male chauvinistic

But yes, a little bit of this – a drifter and a dreamer

and a little bit of this – stoic and dignified

and a lot of that – envious, mean, bad, and can go a long way to get what I want. Though what I want is not necessarily good for me, or the universe.

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