school break

These boys from surrounding villages live at a local school, that’s the only way they can go to school regularly. They pay 2500 rupees a year for their schooling and boarding.

Ahwa-Dang, Gujarat, 24 June 2010. Fotoo -Teja


    • These children need to live at school, because their villages are far-flung, a lot of them are tribals. So this is the practical solution. Saves them a lot of ‘commuting’ every day.

    • I’m sure they are happy kids. I didn’t visit the area myself, but Vivek said the school was really nice, run by a couple.

    • Albert, I don’t have their contact details, this was a photo taken while traveling by my husband. But if you are serious, there are many schools in India, which are looking for teachers/volunteers.

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