Dhanno told us the story of ‘Twilight‘ in 1 minute, while we watched the credits of ‘New Moon’.

Bella and Edward moped, and moped, and moped.

I said, “They never laugh, even when they are together. Are they even happy together?”

Dhanno said, “They are the happiest people in the world. They only look sad.”

Teja said, “When is someone going to suck blood? Some killing-shilling happens, or no?”

No one sucks blood. Bella and Edward continue to mope. Edward looks wasted. Some killing-shilling happens, but offscreen.

Later Teja said, “There wasn’t a single shot of anyone eating anything. I didn’t see any food in the film at all.”

Dhanno said, “There were the muffins.”

Teja said, “Right, but I didn’t see anyone eat them.”

I said, “It was the most boring film ever.”

Teja said, “Yes, really, really bad.”

Guess what we are watching tonight? Twilight.