digging one’s own digs

It is very hypnotic, the rhythm of someone else working.

The dog jumped up on the road divider and dug and dug the mud away from the pathetic plants.

She was so thin, I wondered if she was looking for food.

Or perhaps she was a conscientious dog and was digging a toilet bowl for herself?

Once the hollow was deep enough, she twisted her body, into a graceful curl, and lay down, shutting her eyes.

The rickshaw-wala grinned and looked at me in the rear view mirror. I smiled back. The long signal changed without us noticing the wait.


  1. Maybe it was a bit muddy and therefore cool๐Ÿ™‚

    The stray dogs break my heart more than anything in India…at least this one found a peaceful spot out of the way.

    • Memsaab, the stray kids get me. And the dogs. And the cats. And the cows. And the elephant.๐Ÿ™‚

      This was hardly a peaceful spot, a really busy flyover, which takes at least 45 mins. to cross during the day. But yes, she was content.

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