The goods compartment smells a little fishy. But that’s compensated for by the expanses of space available in comparison to the other compartments, and the breeze racing through the open and uncrowded doors. The women have taken over the compartment, since it is not rush hour. They shoo off any man who peeks in jealously at the empty space. A police officer is tolerated. He turns a blind eye to the women’s monopoly, even though it is not in the rule books. But women in a Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land local train are not to be messed with too easily.

Two boys make their way into the compartment. The taller one shows off his height to the shorter one, by reaching out for the handlebars. The shorter one leaps at the bars, gets his grip and swings. I take out my camera and ask him to repeat the action. He is happy to oblige. A couple of women give him instructions on how to pose for the camera.

The boys have won the approval of the women, courtesy my camera.