where does it all end?

A short comparison of 3 films, Pocketmaar, Dabbang and Badmaash Company. Please read at Upperstall Blogs. The link is here

Where does it all end?


  1. “… but was everything that happened in the film, all right? Do you condone it?””

    I’m glad somebody said that. I haven’t seen any of the three films you mentioned but I did watch “Zanjeer” a few years ago and came away stunned by the dialogues and reference to social commitment. It amazes me how much, or how little, filmmakers can get away with in terms of moral premise. I understand not everyone can be as artful as Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Gulzar but I also think filmmakers should abide by a civic responsibility to at least articulate, if not endorse, a moral code through their art. People take away substantial messages from a movie and if all a film can do is subliminally reinforce corruption and the dismal status quo then it’s little more than an act of violence.

    • Karrvakarela, I agree with you. A film that only reinforces the status quo is violent and cynical. The older films did articulate a moral code, even if it was forced at times.

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