camera buffs

Shanker sent these 12 years after he clicked them. We were in Daman. Dhanno had her first camera. She was prone to going “fotoo, fotoo” and pushing everyone out of her way. Teja, Shanker and Resul were shooting Dhanno. I was a little left out.

But getting these fotoos when Dhanno is a lean, mean 17 had me almost in tears.

Thank you, Shanker.


  1. Stumbling upon their photos from a few years ago almost always takes my breath away. Stumbling upon the forgotten freshness….. also reminds me to look at them anew, as they are today.
    Lovely photos!

  2. She looks totally adorable! 12 years is a long time, I already feel mushy when I watch Pari’s early videos.. and she is yet to turn 4. Daughters are so precious!

  3. Shootout at Daman? That’s what that last picture looks like – a competition to see who shoots first!πŸ˜€ How lovely to come across a piece of the past like this.

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