and that’s part of what we spent 9 crores on ….

I know I ought to be writing about the meaningful cinema I saw, and the people I networked with, and the usual chaos of government organized IFFI, the mad scramble for tickets, houseful shows and empty auditoriums, people snoring beside one or crunching popcorn incessantly or discussing their dispositions on their cell phones

but blue-breasted King Kong seems to obstruct every thought,

and dazed, I offer this ..



      • Dustedoff, I’m still looking for the deeper meaning.๐Ÿ™‚ But I guess it’s nothing more than ‘decoration’, nice way to spend public money.

        • If only ‘decoration’ would be made the responsibility of someone with an aesthetic sense (though, of course, that begs the question: how pick who has an aesthetic sense?). This actually reminds me of the dustbins at the Delhi Zoo. The impressive Purana Qila looms in the background; in front, are gaudily painted, dungaree-clad plastic chimpanzees and ducks and giraffes.

          • maybe some genuine artistes, for a change, and not mandap walas?? baroda for instance, has some really nice installations in its roundabouts, though the standard there has fallen too, recently.

    • this is meant to be king kong. seriously. they also had batman. a dinosaur supposedly from jurassic park. a forest and some people with bows and arrows supposedly from the ramayan. the twins from the gemini studio banner. what not.

  1. Do you have photos of all the other “decoration”? I WANT TO SEE!!!! Argggh. I hear you met Raju๐Ÿ™‚ who tells me that I should attend IFFI one of these days. I am now in complete agreement!

    • I know, Memsaab. I’d love to be at Goa IFFI with you. Very chilled out, lots of good food and wine. Lots of parties. (Not that I go to any of them, I’m too busy watching films).

      Yes, I did leap over my shyness and extend my smile to Raju and introduce myself as your friend, etc, etc. I meant to email you about it, and then got caught up as usual with being my lazy self.

  2. It’s just an indignant Mrs. Kong. A bit pissed off at her mate for swooning over little-finger sized human babes. They are about to make up though, and King Kong will see the error of his ways at which point there will be a song sequence in which New York will be obliterated as the ecstatic apes romp in gay abandon.

    • Kuntal, fab. I can see a film there, better than ‘Break ke baad’ and stuff like that. Definitely more angst there.๐Ÿ™‚

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