Teja said much later that evening, “Ghodbunder aitle, I think of murders, dumped bodies, all sorts of crimes. I didn’t sleep all night.”

I said, “Me too. I thought park, matlab, pata nahin who all will be there, early morning, how safe it is.”

I don’t know why it never occurred to us to google The Butterfly Park, Ghodbunder, when Dhanno said she wanted to go there on Sunday with 2 friends. Instead, we worried. We said ‘yes’ and then worried through the night, and the morning while she was away. After all, none of the kids, 17 though they are, are really tall and strong types.

“They are all so phus“, I said.

Teja said, “I did tell her that I was worried, when she was leaving. I asked her to be alert, look out for people following them, or any such thing, not wander off.”

I said, “I was sleeping when she went. But actually, I was awake.”

Dhanno had come back that morning, before we had finished reading the Sunday papers. We did not express relief, though we felt it. The photographs more than made up for our anxiety. I think she did rather well, considering that she does not have a tele-lens.

If only we had googled the park beforehand, we would have suffered less.

For those of you who would like to go, it is The Butterfly Park at Ovalekar Wadi, Owala Village, Takkarda Road, Ghodbunder, Mumbai 607. Tel:  9820779729 / 9869256054. Open on Sundays between 7:00 am  and 2:00 pm

For those of you who cannot go, enjoy these photos by Dhanno:

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