I said to Dhanno: “If I could get anything back, I’d ask for the energy I used to have.”

Dhanno said: “That’s easy.”

I said: “I could dance all night, and wake up at 7 next morning and get back to work. I never felt tired.”

Dhanno said: “Like me.”

I said: “It’s the city, I think.”

Dhanno said: “It’s nothing to do with the city. It’s either your mind or your body.”

I frowned.

Dhanno said: “If it’s your mind, you just have to be happy.”

I said: “I am happy.”

Dhanno said: “Happy in the here and now. Right now. Just the way things are. If it’s your body, then there should be a simple solution. With a doctor. Maybe even just a spoon of glucose. It’s not a big deal.”

I said: “You are becoming like me. And maybe I am becoming like Naani.”

She said: “Mom, everything is not a story, a drama, emotion, tragedy, a film. Sometimes things can be just pure science. Biology.”

I puckered my face in an effort to look convinced.

She continued: “You don’t always have to write your life, you know. Even if you stop for a while, it will continue writing itself. Even after you die. So..What do you want to do right now?”

I said: “Go to yoga class.”

She said: “Go then. And don’t think of a story in the rickshaw. Just think of how the rickshaw works. You should be fine.”