i should never have let her do XII Science

I said to Dhanno: “If I could get anything back, I’d ask for the energy I used to have.”

Dhanno said: “That’s easy.”

I said: “I could dance all night, and wake up at 7 next morning and get back to work. I never felt tired.”

Dhanno said: “Like me.”

I said: “It’s the city, I think.”

Dhanno said: “It’s nothing to do with the city. It’s either your mind or your body.”

I frowned.

Dhanno said: “If it’s your mind, you just have to be happy.”

I said: “I am happy.”

Dhanno said: “Happy in the here and now. Right now. Just the way things are. If it’s your body, then there should be a simple solution. With a doctor. Maybe even just a spoon of glucose. It’s not a big deal.”

I said: “You are becoming like me. And maybe I am becoming like Naani.”

She said: “Mom, everything is not a story, a drama, emotion, tragedy, a film. Sometimes things can be just pure science. Biology.”

I puckered my face in an effort to look convinced.

She continued: “You don’t always have to write your life, you know. Even if you stop for a while, it will continue writing itself. Even after you die. So..What do you want to do right now?”

I said: “Go to yoga class.”

She said: “Go then. And don’t think of a story in the rickshaw. Just think of how the rickshaw works. You should be fine.”


  1. but if you had really thought about the rikshaw and how it worked you would have yet another story.

    though i do love her problem solving quick fix mode – most sensible.

  2. Hahaha! Nice foil to overactive imaginations, your Dhanno is…Just like we couldn’t bullshit our parents (beyond a certain point), I guess one can’t bullshit the kids…and therefore ourselves (beyond a point). Super read.

    • Aquatic Static, what do I say? I try hard to bullshit. I mean, that’s my job.πŸ™‚ But it doesn’t work with her, unless she’s in the mood to listen.

  3. Brilliant. Don’t think it has to anything with studying science, though (i did science too, all those eons ago, and never had such pithy insights on lifeπŸ™‚ !). You have a special daughter.

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