There is much to love in this song.

1. Neetu Singh‘s giving grief to her soon to-be real life ‘jeth’ Randhir Kapoor. Including making him do dand-baithak, pinching his cheeks and his tummy, threatening him with a danda and making him dance.

2. Her pink-blue-yellow petticoat slit skirt under her pink sari. Four thigh-length slits, no less.
3. The serious pink of the pink. Blue of the blue. Yellow of the yellow.
4. The transfer of the sari from Neetu Singh to Randhir Kapoor.
5. Some butt-shaking moves by Neetu Singh on top of the dressing table.
6. The song itself, “Made in USA ka label lagaa hain desi maal pe”, Asha Bhonsle and R D Burman

There isn’t much else in this lacklustre film ‘Bhala Manus‘ (1979) directed by Vishwamitra.

Most of the film revolves around Anand (Randhir Kapoor), a poor, simple man being set up as a rich groom for foreign returned Meena (Neetu Singh) by a couple of con-men, Vikram (Om Shivpuri) and Mahendra Nath (Kamal Kapoor).

Randhir Kapoor does do simple and trusting very well, without being a fool.

And Neetu is a sweet Meena, rich but not shrill or spoilt, and very peace-loving, but again not a fool. She also has no silly notions of “I will trust my husband blindly, even when I see him cheating me.” But her checked shirts, knee length jeans and knee length boots are a bit difficult to fathom.

Disappointingly, Jeevan plays Meena’s father with his fangs taken out, a benign man. I kept waiting for him to show his true colours, but alas, there were none.

Asrani and Aruna Irani play Chandu and Chanda. I mean, really, what are the chances of going out and finding a life partner with a matching name?

Sorry for the quality of the video, T-series VCD. I also had to break up the sequence in 2, because of some upload issues. 😦