that i did get in there

To all my friends who sympathized with my plight acquiring a permit to shoot at CST:

And the peon, so weary, so glum, even a  cup of tea did not cheer him up.


  1. I’ve been through CST countless number of times, even looked up to admire, but I never realised it was so beautiful! Lovely pictures. And you finally made it in. Bharat sarkar ke ghar mein der hai, andher nahin! ;D

  2. Lovely photographs, whenever I passed by VT station or rather CST station I used to be always in such a hurry I never had time to take a closer look. I always promise myself that I will set some time aside to look at every detail but that never happens I always end up seeing photographs.

    • Shilpi, I think one has to make a special visit there. It’s really quite incredible. Unfortunately, I did not have a professional camera set up which would allow me to shoot the details.

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