so i did find a photo

and I’d forgotten all about the beauty spot. the beret and the ace of black spades. there are some advantages to spring cleaning, after all.


  1. Can i cast you? As a moll, in a shimmering dress, shimmying down a staircase?

    Can this photograph be my reference, not some painting of lady pouring milk by the window?

    Can i redo my diploma film, please?

    • I know, Space Bar. I was so excited when I found this photo. I had forgotten I even had it. Tanmay’s shot.πŸ™‚

      (the header is by Dhanno, during her Butterfly Park outing)

  2. This is an incredible photo! A bollywood heroine from a b&w era gone by – and they don’t make them like that anymore! Waiting for you to exit the frame with a disdainful toss of your head!

    • B&W is fantastic, no, Kuntal? It makes everything, everyone look so much more glamorous.πŸ™‚ Sigh, for the era gone by.

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