kanchi re

hare rama hare krishna

Mumbai – Delhi – KathmanduPokhara – Nayapul – Ghandruk – Chommrong – Dovan – Macchapuchchhre Base Camp – Annapurna Base Camp – Bamboo – Chommrong – Pothona – Phedi – Pokhara – Kathmandu – Delhi – Mumbai.

I had much fun coming up with the holiday plan. But now that the day draws near, I am nervous. Not the least because there is a 9-day walking trek in this seemingly exotic agenda. I haven’t done much trekking except for the times we used to climb up Sinhagad Fort or the water fall at Khandala, and yes, that was 30 years ago, so surely that is going to help.

Teja has had a passport since he was a child, and even a 10-year US visa, and he has never crossed the kala paani. His complaint always used to be, “I haven’t even been to Nepal“. Dhanno is quite pleased at the idea of being phoren-return without even having a passport.

As for me, I am hoping that I catch Dev-saab swinging by, singing “Kanchi re, Kanchi re…” while we are in Kathmandu.


  1. Oh, that sounds like such a wonderfully adventurous trip! Nepal was my first ‘phoren’ trip too – we were somewhere in Uttarakhand (still UP back in those days) and crossed a tiny rope bridge over into Nepal, where we spent half an hour and I bought a very smart black-and-golden Chinese fountain pen. It served me well all through the rest of school.

    I hope you, Teja and Dhanno have a fabulous time!

    • When I lived in Nainital briefly, I used to be fascinated by this account of walking across to Nepal. I never did it myself, but this idea of crossing a border over a rope bridge is amazing.

  2. the holiday plan sounds lovely! I have a friend who did that and he enjoyed every step of the way. There are hot springs somewhere along that route..pack something to wallow in!
    I presume you will be leaving after Dhanno’s results? My niece is waiting too. good luck to the two of them!

    • Thanks, Chicu. Thanks for the tip about hot springs. I need to read up Nepal before I go, but just haven’t had the time. No, we are not waiting for her results, we’ll check those on the internet. Bad parents, us. Good luck to your niece too.

  3. Wow.. the plan looks excellent, though a little too scary. Wish you all a great trip. I went to Nepal as a kid, and we have pictures taken at the Pashupathi nath temple, if i remember it right. — Papa carrying me and mom holding the sibling🙂 Waiting for your family pics!

  4. Am sure you’ll have a great time. Some friends of mine just got back today from a 2-week Annapurna trek (and am feeling miserable that I missed out on our annual trek this time).. so if you want any updates on the weather or anything else around those parts, let me know, can conect you.
    Have fun!

    • Thanks, Satish. We are off tomorrow. So I’m not sure whether there’s any time to get in touch. But it would be great to know how difficult it really is. I haven’t been able to gauge it from the books or net. And I’m quite sure that the trek organizer will have one look at us, and deem us unfit. Hope not!

  5. Sounds fabulous! We’d gone to Darjeeling in April and crossed the border into Nepal, into a shopper’s paradise called Pashupati Nagar, where our daughter freaked out buying cosmetics and what not.
    All the best for the walking!

    • Oh good, I’m sure that’s going to make Dhanno smile, shopping glee.🙂
      She’s not too kicked right now about the walking, though I’m sure we’ll all have fun once we get going.

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