shareef budmaash

Carmen and Seema dance at the Happy Hearts Club. (I think!)

Carmen does a mean strip tease and comes down to a bikini dress. Her pelvic thrusts, her beautiful face, her bare limbs, are all inviting.

Seema removes a scarf from somewhere around her waist, and one from the side of her dress. A glimpse of her thigh is all you get. She sways gently, her limbs graceful and alluring, but demure.

Rocky who was chasing Seema all over town for the last few days, now finds Carmen more attractive, not without reason. Carmen swings up to him, and slips him her room number.

Seema realizes that she is perhaps jealous, but she cannot lure Rocky’s attention back from Carmen to herself.

Later, in Carmen’s room, Rocky pours her a drink. She gulps it down and asks for another. He says, “You drink too much for one so young.” She says, “What to do? Nothing makes me high.” Then, she leers at him, “I’m still looking for that ultimate intoxication.” He says, “In good time. But before that, can you do something for me?”

Carmen waits for Seema in the room. Seema comes in, angry. Carmen offers her a drink. She says, “OK, just give me a little.” Soon they are bickering about Rocky’s attentions to Carmen.

Carmen taunts her, “How can anyone ever like you? You don’t do anything completely. You drink, but a little. You dance, but a little. You show your body, but a little.” Seema says, “No, I am not like that. I can do anything.” She takes the whisky bottle and downs it.

She starts giggling, and lurching, she falls down next to Carmen on the bed. She breathes in Carmen’s face, “Now, will someone like me?” Carmen strokes her cheek with one finger, “You are beautiful.” She comes closer to Carmen and says, “No, you are beautiful.”

They fall back on the bed, close to each other. Seema says, “Do you think Rocky will think I am beautiful now?” Carmen says, “Why don’t you go to him?”

Seema stands up and goes to the door. But then she gets scared and stops. “No, I can’t do that.” She tries to balance herself, “I’m very drunk. Will you take me to my room?”

Carmen sneers at her, and gets up to help her.

I’ve forgotten most of the film in the last 2 weeks, most of which constituted a chasing of what looked like a 12-year old boy’s drawing of a plane. But the cabaret dance at the night club, and the sexuality between Helen and Hema Malini in the scene that follows, is something that I am not likely to forget soon. I wish I had had the time to get some screen caps from the DVD. 😦

Raj Khosla’s films are not always polished pieces of work, but there is something edgy about his female characters. Seema (Hema Malini) in ‘Shareef Badmaash’ (1973) is a girl who has been brought up by a criminal mother to do anything for money. She’s been to prison twice. She thinks nothing of stringing along several men to get what she wants. The good thing is that when Rocky (Dev Anand) brings about a change of heart in her, it is not through the usual argument of what it means to be a ‘good woman’ but the larger concept of duty to nation.

She does become a little boring after that, though.

Watch it here.