While it’s obvious now to me and everyone else that I am not gung-ho about my stay in Bangalore,

For some reason I enjoy my trip from Bengalaru airport to the hotel more than I do the trip to the airport on my way to Mumbai.

Maybe it’s the shuttle bus, where I always find the first seat on the upper deck. It has large windows, and people, and it takes a nicer route than the car from the hotel to the airport.

Maybe it is the large Hanuman a little before we turn on the Hosur highway, who seems as if he could take care of a lot of things.

There is the path into the garden at the hotel which seems as if it were made for my silences.

There is the reflection of a black and white Waheeda Rehman on my window which always remains shut to keep out the noise of the trucks on the highway.

There is the noise of the trucks on the highway which is not very different from home, and makes me feel less alone at night.

There are the fairy lights every other weekend or so. And the workers making a wedding ready to happen.

There is the arrival of a new book.

There are Mukhtar’s animals in my room.

And there it is. The moment of redemption around the corner. The cheesecake in Electronics City which ends Nam’s quest for a good cheesecake in Bengalaru city.

She has looked everywhere, and it was only a few kilometers away. There is the beaming grin on her face.

There is also the comfort of knowing Dhanno will be with me for my last 2 weeks here.