I grew up in a household, where goat’s brains were a delicacy, prepared for lunch at least 3 or 4 times a month. Mummy would soak the brains in a little water for a few minutes, and then pull out the membrane over the gyri sulci delicately. She would saute the brains in a little oil with the usual haldi, mirchi, dhaniya powder, salt combination, or if there were not enough to go around, add chopped onions and tomatoes to increase the quantity. A dry dish, delicious with chapatis, easily prepared in 10 minutes.

After I left my parents’ home though, I usually never cook brains at home, or get the opportunity to order brain masala in a restaurant. Teja is a vegetarian and while he does not raise an eyebrow at Dhanno and me eating indiscriminate pieces of meat or fish, he does feel queasy at the sight of a brain on a plate.

I have realized that even a lot of non-vegetarian people squirm at a brain dish. That makes me increasingly embarrassed about ordering brains when I am out with other people.

While seeing ‘Rascals‘ yesterday, I realized what it would feel like to have one’s brains soaked in water and then it’s membrane pulled out. The difference is that I was alive and conscious while the operation was being conducted on me, and not dead like the goat. The goat, if alive and in the movie hall, would have bleated for kind death.

Our own intrepidity in booking tickets for ‘Rascals’ was yet another effort to have fun while watching a film on a Sunday evening. We thought we would be together, 4 women, and laugh our way through.

But 40 minutes of Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan leering at every woman in sight, Kangana Ranaut and Liza Haydon vying with each other for tinier and tinier bikinis and dresses, Bharati Achrekar and Arjun Rampal playing a demented mother and son, a lot of screeching and screaming out of dull, constipated lines which were as funny as a decapitated goat defeated our stoicism. We walked out.

The only good that this film will do, is that I will give up eating brains altogether. Let me tell you however, that goat brains look more appetizing than any single visual of ‘Rascals’ despite all the skin on show.

By the way, the ‘gyri sulci’ comes from Dhanno. Please don’t credit me with any scientific erudition.