I’m not happy with the synopsis. Why, oh, why, the sad story of a happy film?

I guess I won’t be able to crib about Shemaroo anymore.Though the good news is they haven’t mastered this, Reliance has. Shemaroo is only distributing it. Several friends from FTII were involved in checking the technical quality of the DVD mastering, so I’m hoping it won’t disappoint.

A friend saw it at Crossword.

You can also buy it at Flipkart here. You get 2 bonus movies with it.

It comes with Tamil, Kannada and Bengali subtitles. Need to confirm whether it has English subtitles or not.

[Edited to add: Yes, it does have English subtitles. The Flipkart page makes it seem as if it doesn’t.]

Please ignore the synopsis, and write your own reviews.

[Edited to add: The DVD also has some great archival footage of Chacha Nehru at the inception of CFSI with lots of kids.]