you are better off buying, borrowing or stealing

big flix

You click on a link and move on.
In the next few minutes, you get a sales call based on that click.
The sales representative lures you with an offer.
You, hardened, say you were only surfing.
Later you give in and join up for a 6 month scheme.
The customer representative says if you take an upgrade you will get ‘x’ discount and ‘x’ gift.
You agree since there can never be enough DVDs in your life.
All this takes half-an-hour.
Your DVDs come in regularly for 2 weeks.
You are happy.
The 3rd week, the delivery guy disappears for 4-5 days.
You complain.
You get an apologetic mail from the support team.
The ‘x’ gift meanwhile has not showed up even after almost 6 weeks and 3 reminders.
The 6th week, the delivery guy disappears again.
The customer care representative says that your movies have been dispatched, they are on the way, you will receive them in the evening.
The next day has arrived. Your movies have not arrived.
This is
Then there is BigFlix.
It cheats customers in a Bigger Way.
One day you renew your membership.
The next week, the company announces they have stopped home deliveries.
Viewing will now only be online.
They have not seen fit to give notice of their plans on their website.
You are stuck with a membership for 6 months. Even though you don’t want to watch movies online. And the selection of online movies is not large.
In the two months before they shut down home delivery operations, you have been having trouble with deliveries.
The customer care representatives do not tell you, of course, that they are in the process of shutting down the next month, the next week, the next day.
They send you 50 used DVDs as compensation for the inconvenience caused to you.
The DVDs don’t reflect a single choice in your rental queue.
Someone has just picked them haphazardly from the nearest godown and delivered them to you.
You complain.
You get a standard formatted answer in reply.
Meanwhile, the neighborhood video rental shops have shut down.
Unable to compete with the cut-throat prices and the larger stocks of the bigger companies.
Unable to pay exorbitant rents on shop space.


    • Hariharan, It is frustrating. Also, because the customer care representatives don’t really solve any problem. They just have standard answers, which mean nothing.

  1. So when:
    (a) You can’t borrow, because the movies you want to watch are the obscure ones nobodyowns;
    (b) There doesn’t seem much point in buying, because the movie just may be an absolutel waste of money

    …what are you left with?

    (By the way, 70mm have started acting up here too. I request for a delivery, and it doesn’t arrive – all I get is a standard mail saying ‘Customer not available’).

    • Dusted Off, It is a ‘what are you left with’ feeling. After all, how much can you buy? No wonder, torrent downloads are so popular, and to hell with copyrights.

  2. Yeah, this sucks. We tried BigFlix a couple of years ago and ended up hating it. We still have a local video rental store not too far off, which made for a nice New Year’s Eve for us.:) On the other hand, we watch DVDs on the laptop anyway, so watching online would work for us.

    • Unmana, I think a lot of people now are open to watching online. What made me angry however, is the complete disregard towards the customer, there seemed to be no need to inform the customer about what was happening, so you could actually renew your membership one day, and find the service had changed the next.

    • That’s what I did, Nirah. I stuck on with BigFlix despite repeated bad service, just because they had a really good collection. I thought 70mm would be better. But not so much, so far.

  3. Tchah! Useless people. I got on to 70mm a couple of years ago and they were pretty good then, but one day – about two months into my 6 month subscription – they decided to pack up and leave. But! They informed everyone by mail and sent a check with the refund! And I got my gifts!!!

    That was then.

    But rentals? This place called Cinema Paradiso that had an excellent collection and that I was a member of since the day they began? After two years of not having rented from them, I went a few months ago to get some films and! They’d disappeared without a trace! There was clothes shop in place of CP. They hadn’t informed anybody, lest everyone come asking for the refundable deposit.

    Pirate Bay, hooray. (though it doesn’t make me happy to say it.)

  4. And then the industry wonders why piracy is so rampant! I have been buying DVDs because I somehow don’t feel right about torrent downloads, but you are right – how much can you buy??

    • Anu, the industry needs to figure out a way to please the customer at the end of the day, to avoid piracy. Right now, the entire system seems to be anti-customer from highly priced multiplex tickets, to bad scripts, to bad dvds, to bad rental systems. No wonder people download.

  5. We have Netflix here in the US and they are on the verge monopolizing the rental movie market. Can understand your frustration with poor customer service….it exists everywhere. and worse, its not the reps or the company but the customers who suffer at the end.

    • Sukanya, it is always the customer suffering at the end. Of course, their sales representatives are very smart and able, and everything seems possible while the sale is on. Once the monies are paid, it’s a different story.

    • Kate, We did continue with the local store membership even when we had the BigFlix one, though their prices were 3 times higher, and they did not have too many films on stock, just because we did not want them to be eaten up by the corporate. However, it was an unrealistic venture, given the property prices here, and they did have to shut down eventually.

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